Introduce an Animal Abuser Registry in Australia

Introduce an Animal Abuser Registry in Australia

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In Australia there is the very important Sexual Offender Registry, Child Abuse Registry and a Domestic Violence Registry is currently being tested. We desperately need an Animal Abuser Registry next.

The Australian RSPCA recognises animals as “sentient beings with intrinsic value” and they have been working to get the personal details of individuals who abuse animals placed on a national register. The purpose of this petition is to assist them with this goal.

An Animal Abuser Registry would benefit communities and the police as it has been proven that people who carry out acts of animal cruelty are 5 times more likely to go on to abuse people.

Anyone who has been placed on the registry should automatically be banned for life from owning any animal in the future. The ban should also extend to anyone who lives with the offender so they don't have easy access to a "family pet".

Tell Sharon Bird, Malcolm Turnbull and our Prime Minister Scott Morrison that it’s time for an online Animal Abuser Registry in Australia. When we reach 50,000 signatures we will present this petition to the before mentioned politicians.

Please speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.