CBS: Introduce a USS Hawking for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery

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When Stephen Hawking passed away, he left behind an extraordinary legacy. Educator, raconteur, disability advocate, friend to all humanity, and so much more. 

Professor Hawking took us on a brief history of time, while also looking perceptively towards the future. While his warnings could sometimes be dire, he also held out hope for what humanity might one day become.

Hawking's embrace of Star Trek, with its optimism and always-one-step-ahead promotion of equality, is a potent reminder of this. The man who knew better than the rest of us also believed we could one day get our act together.

Star Trek has paid tribute to Hawking in the past, both by honouring him with a guest starring role - the only person to have ever played themselves in the 5-decade history of Star Trek - and with the naming of a space shuttle and a handful of other elements on the series.

It would only be appropriate that on the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, Hawking get the full tribute: an NCC-class ship with the designation "USS Hawking". Preferably, with a major story arc behind it.

Professor Hawking: you have been, and always will be, our friend.