Introduce a minimum sentence for carrying a knife, equal to carrying a firearm

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Let's get our streets safe again by making a real deterrent. We have got to get our streets safe again while getting to root causes of knife crime. This will be the first step

Update Knife Crime Laws

There should be a statutory minimum sentence for those found carrying a knife, the same as if carrying a firearm. With the reported 33% increase in knife crime since 2011 it is clear that there needs to be a serious consideration for the punishment for those carrying offensive weapons.

Enough is Enough!

Knife crime is on the rise and we think communities, parents and the authorities need to put knife crime at the top of the agenda. Let’s get knife crime at the top of the government’s agenda so more effort, resources and focus is put into this growing problem. Where will we be in 5 years if this problem continues? Show your support by marching with us to help us raise the profile of the senseless killings.

The Tashan Daniel Campaign

Tashan Daniel, a loving son and brother, an amazing friend, cousin, nephew and role-model. On Tuesday 24th September 2019, Tashan and a friend were on their way to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play, a present he had bought himself for his 20th Birthday. In the middle of the afternoon, they were subject to an unprovoked attack on the Hillingdon station platform. This brutal and senseless attack on such a young, cherished, and respected member of the community needs to serve as a wake-up call.

Today it was our Tashan; tomorrow it could be someone you love – your friend, son, daughter, brother, cousin, nephew or even you.

What is being done today is not working we need to take action

The cycle needs to stop and the only way positive results will become evident and we will see a reduction in young murders is if we tighten up on sentencing for those carrying a knife.

If a young person is caught with a knife and it is their first offence they potentially have no further punishment with the current policy’s around knife crime in place. Unlike those caught with a firearm. How many of those have been let off lightly for knife crimes have then gone on to re-offend and use a knife?

Let's get our streets safe again so we can concentrate on causes of crime