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Interview the creators of Cowspiracy and Earthlings on MSNBC

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Subject: Man made climate change - MSNBC is my number one source for news. I have come to rely on and trust this network for the truth. Chris Hayes recently did a series on man made climate change. There is one part of the story, however, that I have been waiting on to be covered in depth: Animal Agriculture - The Leading Cause of Man Made Climate Change. I would like to see a week long (if not longer) discussion on this topic. I would like to see interviews with filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn of the documentary, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, as well as the experts they interviewed in the film. Additionally in the discussion, filmmaker Shaun Monson, actor and host, Joaquin Phoenix, and, musician, Moby, of Earthlings should be interviewed. I would also like to see you thoroughly investigate the Ag Gag laws that are inhibiting free speech and keeping the truth from coming out. Equally important, a highly intensive investigation of slaughterhouses, factory farms, and dairy farms in the United States, and other countries in which you have foreign correspondents.  This information can no longer be left in the shadows, and hidden by the corporations and lobbyists. If MSNBC is the news organization I have come to respect and admire for unrelenting journalistic integrity, then you must cover this story, no matter which cages get rattled, and which corporate sponsors you have. Sincerely- Benjamin L. Palzer - Vegan Animal Rights Activist

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