Interruption of daily life due to sounds of military airplanes

Interruption of daily life due to sounds of military airplanes

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Kelly Lim started this petition to RSAF

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** <--I have had a website made for logging the frequency and duration of flights, and these are the results. (Data collection stopped at the end of 2020)

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- Mindef's reply to WP's Jamus Lim about the aviation noise:
- WP's Sylvia Lim speaking up in parliament about this issue:

This petition doesn't aim to flame anyone. I simply want to know who else is being affected by the constant noise from the military airplanes taking off from Paya Lebar Airbase and flying over Sengkang/Hougang/Punggol. I intend to use this data as a point to prove there is a substantial amount of people affected, if we can hopefully encourage action to be taken.

I can't be the only person affected. My circle of friends, with which I have formed a 'support group' can't be the only persons having our daily lives interrupted by the noise, so loud we can't hear family members in normal conversation, and have to mute ourselves on zoom calls. So loud my windowsills vibrate. Worst of all, I think some of us are close to mental breakdown stage especially since Circuit Breaker started.

I am more than aware (and have watched all videos of RSAF explaining why they need to fly overhead) of the importance of safety of our airzone, etc. But why us? Why here? We too paid for our homes. We just want a normal life. Is silence now a luxury we have to pay for to get away from noise? I can understand maybe 5 flights a day. But I counted, and during 'bad days' it can be up to 7 flights an HOUR, starting from 7.15am and ending at 9pm.

For people working from home, it is simply impossible to carry on with life as per normal. I for one, am a freelancer and have been experiencing this for YEARS. My friends and I have joked about it, put up with it, screamed at it, complained about it-- we've basically done everything we can to keep from going crazy because we know, as everyone tells us, "no choice la. It's the sound of freedom."
I know people who have moved away because of this. I know people who simply rent out their new BTO because they didn't know about the noise until they move in. I can only imagine how teachers in the schools around this area have to try and get the attention of students over this noise, or babies/children exposed to this noise from a young age.

Research has shown increased exposure to airplane noise can lead to an increase in health issues such as heart disease, but worst of all, annoyance that renders us unable to function as we would without noise.
(Aviation Noise Impacts:

Go to the RSAF Facebook page and read the reviews. You will see desperate people, with no outlet at all, raging about the noise affecting their sleep, their family, their work or study, because they simply have no where to share their frustration. That feeling of helplessness is something I can relate to.
What we want is a two-way dialogue with the relevant authorities. It is definitely not unreasonable to negotiate less flights or less loud flights. We are not asking for the planes to stop flying but some kind of noise mitigation, accountability, or at least predictability so we can plan around the flights.

When I first moved to Sengkang in 2002, we didn't even have an MRT, or the mall. But we liked it here because it was all grass and serenity. But we had to trade all that for progress. Some trades were great, but the noise is simply unbearable. I've been putting up with it for at least 3 years, and if I don't speak up now, I don't know when I will. This isn't just a usual Singaporean complaining about less-than-ideal living conditions; it's a real cry for help. I don't have any course of action, but maybe if we showed them enough how many people are affected by this, we could do something.

*edit: Regarding the mention of Heathrow airport in London and their noise mitigation plan, here is the pdf they published to reassure the public of their efforts:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!