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Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan

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The IWC has turned a blind eye to the slaughter despite strong video evidence being presented to them that shows the dolphins being harpooned and left to slowly die. The Japanese government has told the Commission that the dolphins are killed in a fast humane way yet the Commission has still done nothing. An even more alarming fact is that the dolphin meat is contaminated with toxic levels of mercury and is masqueraded as other types of fish so it can be sold. The meat is also provided to schools as lunches for the students the level of mercury present in the fish is high enough to cause permanent brain damge in children and cause birth defects in pregnant women.

The slaughter of the dolphins happens in a concealed cove just outside of Taiji, hidden from the public eye numerous activists have entered the area to get video of the slaughter and many have been arrested due to the fishermen instigating fights so they can have the activists arrested and removed from the area. As well as the dolphins that are killed dolphins are also captured to be sold to marine parks and swim with dolphin attractions world wide. This slaughter has to be stopped or dolphins could become endangered as 23 000 dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji alone every year.

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