Save the Sumatran & Javen Rhinos

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The Sumatran & Javan Rhinos are 2 of the 5 rhino species alive today. They are both found in Southeast Asia, and live in rainforest and swampy habitat. Sadly both species are the most endangered members of their kind. There are only 67 Javans found in a small national park in the southwest part of Java. The Sumatrans in Malaysia and Borneo have already been declared extinct, and there are thought to be only 100 left in the world. Deforestation, poaching, the traditional Chinese medicine trade, and an issue with gene bottlenecking are all threats to their survival.

I need your help if we're going to save them. We must ensure that future generations will get to see these amazing creatures alive, and not confined to the history books!!! Here are some steps that you can help me with to get the notice this petition needs so that action can be taken. When you buy anything that is made out of paper or wood products, ask the management of the store if it has certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or some kind of group that regulates sustainable timber. Calling your senator or representative no matter what country you live in, to create strict laws or rules on purchasing, selling, or trading in animal parts--especially rhino horns--would help a get deal.

Another way to help create change is by calling for trade embargos or bans on products to countries that don't regulate their logging or the sale of certain animals or animal parts, like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. You can also write letters and make phone calls to government bodies like the U.N or conservation groups like WWF, telling them to put more pressure on the Indonesian government on this issue. They need to put more funding and action toward training more wildlife rangers. They also need to equip them with better tech to help them to crack down more heavily on illegal logging of the rhinos habitat and poaching them. Also encourage them to expand protected areas where the rhinos still thrive, and create new protected areas to help connect isolated populations so they can rebound.

Finally awareness campaigns and increased education to the people in Indonesia about both rhino species, why they are important, and what people in Indonesia and the world can do to save them. The Earth has lost enough of the huge amazing animals that have roamed the planet during our existence here. Let us not lose two more iconic creatures that make this world an amazing place to live.