We try to get tennis players financial support from ITF in period of shut down!

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Professional tennis players all over the world have not been able to compete. Whilst top athletes have resources to support themselves for a couple of months, lower ranked players are unable to do so. Many players will not be able to support their every day life and then come back to tournaments after this unexpected pause.

Without income of any sort, the companies in charge of tennis circuit should be held accountable to secure players in this time of need, or at least help them through this hard time for our sport. Any help will do for the majority.

Many companies have organised paid leave for their employees and tennis players should also be considered an “employee” of the world's tennis organisations. I do believe players should get some support as well, as we pay taxes, we pay licenses and enrolment fees. We are all working on the same tour. The total shut down was very unexpected and majority is very affected by this. Though it is a hard time for everyone, there has to be support and help for our sport, tennis.