Humane behaviour with Animals (Ban Yulin)

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A festival named Yulin Dog Meat Festival is celebrated in China in which large number of dogs are killed in the most brutal way possible. Approximately 15000 dogs are killed in this tradition.A video of some lads went viral in which they boiled the dog alive, scrapped its fur and then flamed it to death using a torch. Its very inhumane and certainly the death of Humanity. We must voice the voiceless. These poor dogs are being killed ruthlessly for a mere tradition which is wrong. The solution for this can be a ban on this festival. This festival doesn't stand in todays progressive society. Protests and pressure on the respective authorities can help to ban it completely. I want this to be stopped because the video featuring this brutality brought me into tears. The lifeless howl of the dog asked the boys to stop it but they continued laughing. It brought me into tears. Please everyone out there, i need your support rather those poor innocents need it more.Anonymous_earth_person