International show community, we urge you to take a stand against dog meat trade in Korea!

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Our campaign reaches out to the international showing community to take a stand and take action against the horrific dog meat trade in South Korea.

As world leaders in the dog showing community their voices would add incredibly powerful momentum to our already internationally renowned campaign to end the dog meat trade in South Korea for good.

International show community, we urge you to take a stand against the dog meat trade in South Korea!

Dear members of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale,

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We reach out to you as fellow dog owners, people with compassion for our companion animals and passion for their well-being and care, not just in your country, but across the world. We write to you in this petition to bring to your attention the horrific reality for dogs in South Korea, condemned into a life in the meat trade.

In the row upon row of dank, dark and soiled cages you will find pedigree and mongrel dogs alike, even the most revered of all South Korean dogs, the pedigree noble and ancient Korean Jindo, silent and awaiting their grim fate to be served up as soup or a side dish on a local's plate, just another meal like any other that day. 

These dogs are kept in the most inhumane conditions you can imagine, never shown any kindness or dignity, factory farmed and butchered in the most medieval way (hanging, electrocution, beating ... the list is endless and the butchers inventive) - this is not even how we would  treat our domestic livestock - yet it’s happening every day right now!  These dogs are kept in squalor, in their own filth, often fed powerful antibiotics because disease is so rife, even in some cases, fed the bodies of their dead cage companions, all to feed human demand for dog meat.

There is no 'cultural' reason behind this cruelty and no scientific basis for the torturing of these poor animals to "make the meat taste better". 

In Korea there is a mistaken belief that there are two types of dog "meat dogs" and "pet dogs" - one free to live life as a companion animal and part of the family like any other, the other condemned to a miserable existence, lying in steel rimmed cages awaiting the day they are removed from the only environment they have ever known with a wire grabber, to be tortured and killed in front of the other dogs, so another customer can have just another dish.  What kind of backward thinking is this?! 

Domesticated dogs are our companions when we are lonely, our partners in work and in play and our protectors.  There is no difference between the dog lying in that cage and our own dogs awaiting us loyally at home.  These dogs like our own can learn to trust humans again, learn new tricks and behaviors and can with rehabilitation, wag their tails again just like any other. 

Will you stand silently by while this goes on every day in Korea? Will you add your voice to the hundreds of others condemning the actions of the dog meat trade in Korea and those that support it?  Will you take a stand like so many other organizations and ask your members to give a voice to the voiceless?

Korea like so many other countries has a thriving show scene and places particular reverence on the influence of organizations in the showing community, so we urge you to ask your members to take action on behalf of these amazing animals and remind Korea that there is no such thing as a "meat dog", only a dog, capable of being a loyal, faithful and lifelong living companion just like any other, just like our own.


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