Stop Indo-Pak Surgical strikes, Stop terrorism, End border fight, End Gun violence.

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 In this petition I'm focusing on Peace and I know that we do need to fight the wrongdoers and the terrorist groups but that fight should be the last fight.

Just one last war to end all wars!

  We keep living our lives with problems that seems so big to us but WE ARE LIVING Because of the soldiers who fight night and day on the borders, or else we won't be alive. Why? Because we are leaving our humanity behind and attacking our own species for some minscule reasons that have a large impact on our normal lives.

It makes us terrified that what is coming next? What if they attack again? We need to get ready for that and then we make weapons to protect ourselves and it happens continuously, there's no stopping. They create a mega weapon and show off - look how powerful we are, then we need to make such weapons too, to protect ourselves! Because in the end that's why we are doing all this. aren't we? Isn't that the reason why we made our first weapon? To survive, but that was a different case and now in our modern world, No one can stop it. Or can we??
Can we stop fighting for peace? We fight so that one day we won't have to fight. right? Can we become more Human and not attack other humans?

It's about Pulwama terror attack. We all know this is the worst terror strike in Jammu and Kashmir.

The last worse was the Uri attack in 2016. It's been said that The explosive used in the attack was so strong that the blast was heard from 10-12 km away.

This was the first suicide car bomb strike in Kashmir since that left 41 persons, including three suicide attackers, DEAD. Humans were KILLED.

I don't know how the political system of India or Pakistan works, but I don't understand why we can't just end fighting? Why we are still not able to stop the terrorist organizations? Why any leader doesn't do anything to stop such organizations inside their own country? Why we have guns? For protection? Why we can't just stop killing other Humans? I don't understand that why we still need protection from our own species.


I'm sure our ancestors didn't have this world in their mind. THIS IS NOT THE WORLD THEY HAD IN MIND. We all know it. We know and we can recognize our own species, can't we?? Are we so unable to feel that we "kill" .

We fight ? For what? For peace? Fighting for peace? Can't you see the irony here??

Call it Surgical Strikes or war, the people of Jammu and Kashmir who live at this most militarized zone has already suffered A LOT!!! The people who live there are facing curfews every other day!! ? For news anchors and politicians sitting in their cozy rooms, Surgical Strike can mean glamour, but it's the people of Jammu and Kashmir and soldiers on the front, who bear the consequences, THEY SUFFER UNHEARD, THEY DIE UNHEARD. THEY KEEP FIGHTING for us.

This is to Mr. President and other ministry celebs of both India and Pakistan, I don't want the condolences you tweet just by sitting under safe roof. I don't want it. I want all this fight to stop. We are at war every single day.

One terrifying fact here is :  The Indo-pak border war is going on SINCE 1947  and it's not going to end just now.

Please stop this.
If you can't end it alone. Let us help? I know that in both India and Pakistan, Humans live, and we are in large numbers, you know the population data. So we are saying Let us help. I am saying, let me help. What can I do, as a human being, to stop this fight? Tell me what I can do to spread peace? Tell me. But please stop it. We don't want more Humans to die. We don't want more soldiers to die! Please.

Can we save the humanity inside ourselves?

Can we please fund money on feeding the poor and not on war. Can we stop fighting?


There were also some Indo-pak Peace treaties and agreements to build a safer world but I don't know if anyone remembers that or not ,has any change in the mindset of both india and Pakistan come about over the years due to the peace processes?.. what is going on with the peace treaties??


“The US calls on Pakistan to end immediately the support and safe haven provided to all terrorist groups operating on its soil, whose only goal is to sow chaos, violence and terror in the region. This attack only strengthens our resolve to bolster counter-terrorism cooperation and coordination between the US and India,” Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. 

Calling for an end to bloodshed in Kashmir, Dar blamed politicians."I wish no one becomes a suicide bomber. But there will be more because there is mindset like that. It is because there is no solution to the problem in Kashmir. They must find a solution," said suicide bomber's father.