The Maasai people want justice and ILRI-GALVmed to pay for their crimes

The Maasai people want justice and ILRI-GALVmed to pay for their crimes

March 7, 2022
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Started by Giuseppe Di Giulio

We, Maasai people denounce the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI - NGO) and the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed - Charity, Scotland) for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our cattle.

East Coast fever (ECF) is a tick-borne disease that gives up to 80% mortality, while its vaccine gives 98% protection. Our cattle died of ECF because ILRI and GALVmed, despite being aware that dishonest vaccinators were using the ECF vaccine at half dose, half vaccine dose does not give protection, illegally and in spite of our pleas, continued providing the vaccine to these people. It is also scandalous ILRI and GALVmed are still refusing to meet us.

In 2016, thanks to Dr. G. Lynen and G. Di Giulio, who introduced the ECF vaccine in Tanzania, our Traditional Chiefs came to Europe to report ILRI and GALVmed scandalous and criminal actions. Inexplicably, although they are the only true representatives, only in Italy, from Brindisi to Turin, from Rome to Bari, from Pisa to Palermo, they had the opportunity to meet hundreds of thousands of people reporting our sad story and the many institutions-organizations inaction which, have also the responsibility of ILRI – GALVmed still working and getting funds.

We denounce the Italian Upper House Human Rights Commission, Italian Parliament, L de Magistris, L. Orlando and M. Emiliano that, in spite of having listened to our story, are believing the then Deputy Italian Foreign Affair Minister, Mario Giro, lies that were also and again reiterated during a parliamentary question, in September 2017. Giro states ILRI and GALVmed are transparent and honest organizations. Therefore, we are the liars and Dr. Di Giulio is acting for mere commercial and private interests.

We also disapprove the inaction of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which allowed, in 2016, ILRI and GALVmed to sue Dr. Di Giulio for defamation in Tanzania, where our testimonies seem not to have value and Dr. Di Giulio does not have any hope of proving his innocence.

Dr. Di Giulio is our Honorary Chief and the only person, because we do not have a voice at home, who can still denounce this scandal at international level. Therefore, we need your support to put pressure on organizations, institutions and media to give us the hope for a better future that, without the ECF vaccine, cannot have. Please, sign our appeal. This is the only way for (a) ILRI and GALVmed to pay for their crimes; (b) Be forced to meet us and (c) Publicly apologize to Dr. Di Giulio and stop harassing him.

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Please, send also a weekly email to the following email address writing, on behalf of Maasai Emergency Association: Stop ILRI and GALVmed to kill our cattle; ILRI and GALVmed to pay for their crimes and to meet the Maasai Community; Stop ILRI and GALVmed harassing our Honorary Chief.

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Contact also:,  (Kenyan and Tanzanian Community Spokesmen)

Maasai Emergency Association, Via Crescenzio 19, 00193, Rome (Italy) VAT-CF: 0000014305231004

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Signatures: 443Next Goal: 500
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