Boycott Iran From The Olympics

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On September 12th, 2020, 27-year-old Iranian wrestling champion Navid Afkari was executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran for participation in anti-government protests. He was additionally subjected to torture and extraction of forced confessions under torture prior to his execution.

Navid was one of the thousands of Iranians who are imprisoned and executed for their political views. One of the many young people of Iran who are tortured and imprisoned for speaking out against the Iranian regime and for exercising their right to protest against the economic mismanagement, as well as the blatant human rights abuses committed by the Islamic Republic.

Stories like Navid’s are unfortunately commonplace in Iran. The International Olympics Committee must show their support for the upholding of human rights and freedom of all people and condemn the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We call on the International Olympics Committee President Thomas Bach to condemn this abuse of power and boycott the Islamic Republic of Iran from all Olympic sports. We call on other international sports bodies to boycott Iran from the competition and to condemn the execution of Navid Afkari.