Synchonized Skating in the Winter Olympics

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As a synchronized skater myself, I believe that we should be represented in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Throughout my synchronized skating career I have waited eagerly for worlds to arrive so I could watch and deeply admire all of the talented figure skaters working together all across the globe. However, besides these few days in early April, I rarely ever see this incredible sport represented worldwide, let alone on television. This sport is growing rapidly and will attract viewers because of its creativity and its competitiveness. Synchronized skating has all the necessary requirements to be an Olympic sport, yet the Olympic committee hesitates to add it for untrue or simply weak reasons. People want to watch these athletes as much as they want to see single skaters or ice dancers. Help us make sure that this sport gets it's well-deserved representation in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and all that proceed.Click Here To Watch Some Highlights!! Instagram! YouTube!