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Strip US Shooter Corey Cogdell of her Olympic Medal

I'm sending out this petition to bring to your awareness about Corey Cogdell, the youngest shooter representing the US at the Olympic Games, and to petition the International Olympics Committee to strip Corey Cogdell of her 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal because her acts of Hunting Wild Animals Violates Olympism Values of Environmental Sustainability and Protection. On her Facebook Fan page she has an album entitled "Hunting Around the World", with 16 photos that show her posing with her trophy kills, including a black bear, a zebra and an antelope. Those photos have been included as video in this petition. Below is also a link to an article written by her, titled "How I Hunt", published in an online website in 2008.

The link to the video is:

Both the photos and her words in the article are sickening. It is hard to believe that there are still people who kill wild animals for sport and are PROUD of it! It is not for survival ie to feed herself - on safari hunts she has to pay for the "privilege" of hunting. It is not for self-protection, as shooting an animal with a gun means waiting in ambush FROM A DISTANCE and shooting them. It is a target practice sport for her and there is no need for it in this day and time when clay pigeons and targets are available. In one photo she poses with about 30 dead pheasants she has shot, and in an article published on an online outdoor website: "MY FAVORITE THING TO HUNT IS DOVES. You can go out there and shoot a pile of them, 12 or 14 a day." (25 November 2008,  ;  ). Even the hungriest person in the world cannot eat 14 doves a day.

What she does is no better than the poachers who hunt for animal parts for "medicine". From her photos and her words she is proud in her skill of killing animals - how many she can kill and how big her kill can get. There are other ways to practice. Yes she is from Alaska, where hunting game is par for the course, but when the native people hunt, they give thanks to the animal for sacrificing themselves to feed them, they hunt with honour, they hunt following the seasons when there is abundance. There is no honour in hunting animals for sport.

This person is representing the US in the 2012 Olympic Games. She won a Bronze Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She is a role model for many young people out there, and she sees absolutely nothing wrong with killing for sport. Australia has a strong stand against poaching as seen in their immigration laws. Let's see if we can make a strong stand against killing animals for sport. Please forward this to your contact lists, the media, anyone you think of who can make a difference, just with one signature. At the very least, talk about this when you are next sitting down with your workmates, your friends, your family.

Please sign this petition urging the relevant authorities to strip her of her 2008 Olympic Medal, a medal she won by her skills gained through ambushing and killing wild animals. Her actions go against Olympism Values of Environmental Sustainability and protection. As a role model for many young people out there, we need to stop her from sending the message that wanton killing of animals in their wild is acceptable. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. By stripping her of her medal, we are sending out this message. Let us leave a legacy for our future generations where they can see wild animals in their natural habitats, not a zoo.

PLEASE take the time to sign and share this petition. We need 50,000 signatures. Please pass this on, and know that you pass on a legacy to protect and sustain animals in the wild.

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