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Bring the Summer Olympics Back Home to Greece

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"Simple solutions are born from simple people. Only complex people argue for complex solutions".

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Since then, Greece has called for the Olympics to be permanently brought back home to Greece.

It's not just Greece proposing the idea. There is a groundswell of support for the idea from commentators, analysts, columnists and newspapers around the world.

Those speaking out in support of a permanent home for the Olympics point to deficiencies in the host city bidding process, the massive cost to cities to build the infrastructure necessary to host the Olympics, and the fact that many of these projects simply go to waste after the Olympics are over.

Hosting the Games in a permanent location helps to address all of these problems.

If the Olympics, meant to symbolise and concentrate all that is good about humankind, become nothing more than a vehicle for despots and dictators to line their pockets while further tightening the clamps on their citizens, then we've failed.

Bringing the Olympics back to Greece will neutralise the International Olympic Committee's power, allow Greece to decide what's good or bad, and eliminate the need for host countries to spend millions on infrastructure doomed to decay.

Bringing the Olympics back home to Greece would only need infrastructure to be built once and then updated and maintained. It would help the Greek economy toward recovery, and send a clear message that one of the world's greatest sporting spectacles is more than a tool for dictators and connected contractors to consolidate wealth and power.

It would be fitting to bring the Games back to their ancient and natural home. I urge you to consider the idea and hope you will find, as I have, that a permanent home for the summer Olympics in Greece is the most practical, rational, logical, and hopeful way forward toward strengthening the Olympics for generations to come.

Give the Greeks a chance to perfect their invention.

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