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Allow the Russian flag to fly during the PyeonChang 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

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Sincerity is a virtue that was not upheld by Russia during the Sochi and Rio olympics.

The involvement of the Russian government in the systemic doping scheme does not represent the ideals of the Russian people, nor tarnish their honor.

For the sake of the Russian people, 166 Russian olympic athletes, and the 16 who earnestly won their medals, do not exonerate Russia of its alleged doping by disparaging their patriotism.

Restoring the Russian flag for the closing ceremony does not reflect a flagging austerity of the IOC’s ethics, but demonstrates respect to those who participated for the country they know as their home. The Russia of the government-run doping scheme is not the Russia of the 166 athletes, and 16 olympic champions who practiced rigorously to compete and, in the latter's case, win.

Punishment for doping was administered by denying entry into the Winter Olympics to those Russian athletes marring the exemplary virtues of olympiads. Please respect the athletes who performed with moral veracity: do not force them to disavow their country in light of their sincere patriotism.

A flag is not the representation of a government. A flag represents the culture of the people of that country.

For an organization to win love, it must uphold just mercy: Let the Russian flag fly during the closing ceremony.

Thank you for your time, and patience.

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