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Complete an investigation of Park chong woo's political appeal

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South Korea's Park Jong-woo intentionally holds up a banner reading "Dokdo (Korean name of Japanese lslets, "TAKESHIMA") is our Territory," where South Korea has been illegally occupying soon after WW2, midway between South Korea and Japan, after his team won their bronze medal men's soccer match against Japan, at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. After this political appeal gained an attention from IOC and FIFA, He and South Korea madea excuse stating that he got so excited that he did not intentionally hold it up. However, the captain of Korean team reportedly discussed about doing some type of "Dokudo" ceremony after the second goal was scored during the game. This fact clearly demonstrated Park did this on purpose, not accidentally.

This petition is to have International Olympics Committte (IOC) and International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) complete a thorough and fair investigation of this Korean player regarding his political appeal banned in Olympics without any intervention of Koreans and/or Korean government.

Some Korean might have claimed "This card was written in Korean to show only for Korean fans. It wasn't written in Japanese or English. There was no intention that Park was trying to take the matter in Political matter", but bring this type of banner itself IS a political appeal. Language does not matter.

The other claim Korean made is: 
"If this event has Japan so mad, then it would've been fair for the IOC to ban the Japanese audience from using the Japanese military flag which was used in WWII, which has been banned from use in the 2008 Olympics hosted in Beijing, China"

But this does not make sense either since Japanese audience is not under control of Olympic chapter, but PLAYERS are.

Thus, Completion of this investigation and necessary actions toward the athlete, if needed, are imperative for  Olympics to stay as a  fair event without any forms of political appeals. We hope and appreciate if  IOC and FIFA consider carefully its importance and consequence, and take an appropriate action to clarify what happened during his performance.



2012年ロンドン五輪の男子サッカー3位決定戦の韓国チーム勝利後、韓国のPark Jong-Woo選手は”独島(韓国と日本の間に位置する、第二次大戦後、韓国に不法占拠されている我が国固有の領土・竹島の韓国側の呼称)は我が領土なり”と書かれたバナーを意図的に掲げました。この政治的主張が世界から注目を集めることとなり、、該当選手及び韓国側は、彼は意図的に行ったわけではなく、ただ興奮しすぎただけだと釈明しました。しかしながら、該当試合前に、彼のチームメイトはこのような”独島”セレモニーを行おうというような趣旨の話を、2点目の後にしたことが報告されています。この事実からしても、彼が行ったことは偶発的ではなく、意図的であることは明白であります。












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