International Medical Graduates in Canada Responding against COVID-19

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We are a significant community of international medical graduates in Canada who are ready and well prepared to work in the Canadian medical field. Many of us have worked in different medical specialties for years, and most of us are going through the examination process.

At present, we are all living in Canada.
Given the prevailing and unprecedented circumstances, at the heart of the global emergency posed by the Coronavirus outbreak, we are coming forward to willingly volunteer, hands-on, without expecting to be paid, so we can alleviate frontline workers during this time of crisis.

Without your support, our desires and expertise would go to waste, in a moment, when our country and the world are in every need of every possible effort, to vigorously content and fight this volatile disease.

Your signature could help us, supporting and alleviating a prospectively overwhelmed Hospitals, by enabling us to put forward our proposal to the government.

In doing so, your support would enable us in volunteering at the hospitals, clinics, and all medical areas, at a time of need when efforts and knowledge can't be idle.

Please help us help Canada and make a difference today.
Thanks for standing up with us against Covid-19.

On behalf of the team of International Medical Graduates, Canada.