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Stop Whaling Norway

The launch of Operation Whale Defense 2013-14


We are proud to announce the launch of Operation Whale Defense 2013-14 online petition campaign. This campaign is aimed at ending the whaling in Norway through the use of media and petitioning. This campaign will be the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society's first campaign against Norwegian whaling, The Norwegian chapter of this organization has been working hard to ensure we are able to collect as much information on the Norwegian whaling fleets as possible. Erna Solberg replaces Jens Stoltenberg as Norway's prime minister and according to news she want's Norwegian animal police but has been turned down by police officers saying it is not necessary and there is no point.  So we see her as a very kind person who will do a lot to help animals and that is why we created this campaign to hopefully have her do something to end the whaling our goal on our petition is 15,000 signatures and once it reaches that goal it will be sent to Erna Solberg for her to review. We have good feelings she will think about doing something to help protect whales. Whale watching brings more money then whaling and we would hope Norway changes and stops their whaling and does more whale watching which will bring in more money for Norway. If whale watchers where told before they boarded a whale watching boat that Norway kills whales they would most likely turn around and not go whale watching thus Norway loses out on that money. With your help we can reach this goal and have the letter sent to her to review.

Marine mammals are distributed throughout the world’s oceans, so their conservation and recovery requires action on a global scale and this is where we step in to help provide law enforcement and protection to marine species. As some of the top predators of the oceans, marine mammals play an important role in the food web and help ensure balance in the ocean’s ecosystem. 

Marine mammals face an array of threats from human activities, including bycatch in fishing gear, collision with vessels, depletion of prey resources, climate change, hunting, pollution, disease, and habitat degradation and loss. Global data on marine mammal bycatch is generally lacking, particularly species-specific data. For these reasons, marine mammals present an array of issues and challenges for conservation and management.

Despite these challenges, IMMCS is committed to the protection and conservation of marine mammals and there habitats.

Operation Whale Defense can be a successful campaign but we need your support to help make this happen, nothing can happen if no one works together. Our goal is to work together, we need to work together to end marine mammal poaching and habitat destruction. We need to work with governments to end such cruel and barbaric operations.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that 25 percent of marine mammal species are now threatened with extinction. The status of an additional 30 percent is unknown because data is lacking.

As a team we can urge Norway to stop setting high quota's that are never met and urge them to stop killing 100's of whales. The slaughter is in humane and there is no humane way to kill a whale at all and we all must work together in order to stop it.

Thank you for you're continued support - IMMCS Team.

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