Freedom for Khader Adnan!

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Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan is facing a severe health crisis after nearly two months of hunger strike: vomiting blood, barely able to speak, exhausted and very thin. The imprisoned activist, former long-term hunger striker and baker from Arraba near Jenin has been on hunger strike since 2 September. He is demanding his release from arbitrary Israeli imprisonment on trumped-up charges.

His trial has been postponed 17 times. Adnan has affirmed that he considers these charges to be a form of "hidden administrative detention" and a way to silence the campaign around his case.

Israeli military courts are no more just than administrative detention; they convict over 99 percent of the Palestinians brought before them. Lengthy trial delays are used as a means of coercing imprisoned Palestinians to agree to plea bargains.

International action is urgent to support his strike and bring attention to his case. These governments must stop their aid to Israel and instead pressure Israel to free Khader Adnan and end its violations of Palestinian rights.