Release Ilyas the Quran Defender.

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We want the release of Ilyas the defender of Quran, who stopped a man from burning the Holy Quran in Norway on 22 November 2019. Ilyas is the hero of Muslims all over the world. The man who was burning the copy of Quran insulted our religion and belief system. Ilyas had all the right to stop the man. We want immediate release of Ilyas. The man who was burning the copy of book of Quran was doing an inhuman act. He has hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Muslims believe Quran is the word of God and they keep it very sacred. Muslims are not extremists. There are more than 5 billion people in the world that do not think that Islam is a divine message but Muslims never hurt them. Muslims respect the difference of opinion. People are free to disagree with Islam and even criticize it but if someone will deliberately humiliate or insult our Holy Book we will not tolerate that. You can not expect Muslims to silently watch people insulting their Holy Book. Therefore, what Ilyas did was very natural. He has the right to defend his Holy Book.  Ilyas need to be immediately released from Police custody.