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It is being observed that many Youngsters are not taking or interested in the art of bowling in Cricket. Most if not all want to become Batsman. 

The reason being that now days because of T 20 or One Day Matches The Batsman need not stay long on the crease he just has to hit some big shots , score runs quickly . All the Limelight is being hogged by the Batsman. 

We want Cricket to be a even game between Bat and Ball so that youngsters can be encouraged to take up bowling. Just remember the last great Bowler , Hardly any very great Bowlers are to be seen now days. 

  We want that in the T 20 or One Day Matches the conditions need to be changed , We want the wicket to be made wider and higher , and more fielders etc so that bowlers also become heroes and man of the matches more often.

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