Remove Sanjay Manjrekar from WC commentating panel, he ruins the experience for everybody.

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Sanjay Manjrekar is not a quality commentator. He is extremely biased, often contradicts his statements within a single match and honestly infuriates a lot of people with his commentary. A clear example of this was his commentary during the recently concluded IPL. A major part of the viewers will agree that he was totally biased towards Mumbai and was being very silly with this commentary. In one match, he went down to the CSK Dugout and openly said the below to Stephen Fleming (on international television) : "Stephen, we all know Shane Watson has been a complete failure, he hasn't performed , what is the reason behind giving him this long a stick when he's been failing again and again" .Overall, his commentary is frustrating, to say the least. Thankfully, we had Select Dugout during IPL. But we can't stand his commentary during the WC.