Stop the Cut in Family Visits to Palestinian Prisoners

As of July 2016, the International Committee of the Red Cross - which facilitates family visit trips for Palestinian families to Palestinian prisoners imprisoned inside Israeli jails - has announced that it will cut monthly visits per detention center from two visits to one visit. This effectively cuts by 50% the family visits and visit opportunities for Palestinian prisoners and their families. 

Family visits are a lifeline for Palestinian prisoners. While the cutback does not apply to imprisoned Palestinian women and children, it does hurt the children and families of imprisoned fathers, and it works to undermine both the Geneva Conventions - which encourage family visits to be as frequent as possible - and Palestinian family life. It also works to support Israeli policies that deny family visits and make them as difficult and traumatic as possible for Palestinian families. 

It is the responsibility of the ICRC - largely funded by the governments of the world - to not put the burden of budget cuts on Palestinian families of prisoners, the most marginalized and vulnerable people, and those who the ICRC should be serving. 

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  • International Committee of the Red Cross, Head of Delegation, Israel and the Occupied Territories
    Jacques DeMaio

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