Support a living income for coffee farmers: Sign the #coffeepledge

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Support a living income for coffee farmers: Sign the #coffeepledge
Coffee is among the world’s most-loved beverages, with an estimated three billion cups enjoyed every day. It has become vital in our everyday lives, especially to the farmers who harvest the beans that make our favourite cup of coffee possible. 
Due to a dramatic decline in coffee prices – which are at their the lowest in 15 years – millions of coffee farmers struggle to make enough to live on or to support their families. Independent research shows that from a US$3 cup of coffee the vast majority of small growers receive as little as the equivalent of one cent. Imagine going to work every day and not earning enough to eat and cover basic needs, such as food, healthcare and education. If things don’t change, more farmers will be forced to abandon coffee plantations and migrate to urban areas or abroad, just to survive. 
This year the International Coffee Organization (ICO) – which brings together the governments of countries in which coffee is produced, processed or consumed – is working to highlight the plight of coffee farmers and the urgent need to take collective action. 
We’re asking you to put your voice and weight behind our #coffeepledge movement.

By signing this petition you’ll give consumers a voice and help us to influence those who can effect positive change for coffee farmers around the world: the international community, governments, development banks, the United Nations and the wider coffee industry. With your assistance we can help coffee farmers receive the livelihood they need and deserve through a living income, and ensure prosperity and happiness for all.  
We need the power of one million signatures from all over the world, a target we’re aiming to hit by #internationalcoffeeday on 1 October 2019
What are you waiting for? Show your commitment by signing the #coffeepledge in support of a living income for coffee farmers and pass it on
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Thank you for your support. 
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Please note: The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is not requesting any monetary donations through this petition or platform. Any request for funds comes directly from the platform as a voluntary option to promote petitions and no funds are received by the ICO nor by coffee farmers.