Help change the current direction of the ICA!

Help change the current direction of the ICA!

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Members Speak Out started this petition to International Chiropractors Association Board of Directors

UPDATE: October 12, 2019

On Monday October 1st the petition below was sent to the ICA Board of Directors with a request that the questions be answered within 7 business days. On October 3rd, Acting Executive Director Beth Clay acknowledged receipt of the petition. As of October 12th, no further response has been received. 

Dear fellow ICA members,

Our group name is Members Speak Out and we are asking that you join us in an effort to change the current direction of the International Chiropractors Association. We are asking you to sign this letter asking important questions of the President and leadership of the ICA. After you read the concerns that we have listed in this letter you will see why we feel answers are needed. The ICA should always be the beacon on the hill for our mission to protect and promote chiropractic throughout the world as a distinct healthcare profession predicated upon its unique philosophy science and art of subluxation detection and correction. With that in mind, this petition was drafted because we believe some in leadership positions of the ICA are not fulfilling their duties to carry out the mission of the ICA and has broken the trust of members by ignoring their questions. We feel strongly that a change in direction is necessary so that our organization can remain the beacon of subuxation centered Chiropractic as we feel its founder BJ Palmer intended. The following are a few of our concerns that we feel deserve answers:

1.    Why has the ICA agreed to abide by the Chiro Congress tenets in relation to the ACA Medicare bill in the hope that they will then support the ICA bill when the Chiro Congress tenets clearly state that they will only support a broad scope bill?

2.  Did the ICA Board have a vote to support the chiro congress tenets and to not oppose the ACA bill before a policy statement was published?

3. Why are there appointees on standing committees that are not eligible to be on the committee?

4. Why was the deadline extended for the return of the nomination for Representative Assembly members when the by-laws clearly state the deadline?

5. Why are there some in leadership positions in the ICA that appear to have conflicts of interest because they are also dues paying members of either the ACA or an ACA state affiliate association?

6. Why has the ICA been promoting events of ACA state affiliate associations that do not adhere to ICA objectives?  

7. Why have there been attempts to fast track applications for known ACA state affiliates to become ICA affiliates knowing that these associations would like to expand our scope of practice and change what is distinct about being a Chiropractor, and is in violation of ICA objectives?

8. Why are members in good standing censored on ICA social media platforms when said members are asking questions pertaining to important member issues?

9. Why does the state of Georgia still have 3 RA’s despite not having the number of members as required by the constitution/by-laws?

10. Why does the ICA continue to financially support the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), knowing that the WFC policies and published statements are in direct contradiction to the ICA mission and vision?

11. What was the response from the WFC to the ICA complaint that was filed in May?

12. Going through this process of calling these issues to your attention, we have also discovered significant flaws in the follow up of members when a simple thing such as an expired credit card occurs. We would ask that the leadership look into issues such as this so that fair elections can be held based on an accurate member list. We would like to ask what steps have been taken to remedy this situation for the upcoming elections and for future elections?

We feel strongly that the membership deserves answers to these questions because many of us are beginning to lose confidence in the direction of the ICA and some in ICA leadership. We hope to have answers to these questions given at the October 1st phone board meeting. If you join us in feeling these questions need answers, we would appreciate you signing the petition. This petition, along with your signature will be communicated to the ICA board prior to the October 1st conference call.Thank you for your time and consideration to this important matter.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!