Change the date to deliver the Visual Arts final assignments for ib

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Because of the coronavirus, the IB decided to change the way they evaluated us. The should take in consideration that the measures they took, deeply confronted students all over the world. Either way they decided to anticipate the deadlines for many works. Visual Arts has to give out more than just one work, in the same week as the other subjects. Many of them, that have not had feedback because of the national, as international situation. How are we expected to succeed in such an harassing work-environment? Every single workshop is closed to get materials from, and just trying to send a workpiece in less than a week, will not reflect in any way, our full potential. We need more time for the Visual arts deadlines, or we will have to just sacrifice the subject.

I'm writing from Chile. Since October last year, half of our classes were taken away because of the national situation with the mass protest. But I believe we weren't the only country who suffered from this. It is unhuman to make us to all of that work, in such little time, with no feedback, at the same week as he other subjects. Many of us are wanting to get into university, and would be a shame to throw everything away.