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Name the recently discovered planet HD 106906 b "Gallifrey" in honor of Doctor Who's 50 years!


Doctor Who, the legendary British science-fiction television series, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 23rd, 2013.

The titular character of the show, the Doctor, is a Time Lord, an alien species indigenous to the planet of Gallifrey.  Since the series' reboot in 2005, it was believed Gallifrey had been destroyed in the Time War, but it was recently revealed in the worldwide simulcast celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show that Gallifrey falls no more, instead having been frozen in a pocket universe by each of the Doctor's incarnations.

The sudden discovery of this "impossible planet," currently dubbed HD 106906 b -- which shares some attributes with the planet of Gallifrey, being both larger than Earth and smoldering orange, and the extraordinary circumstances under which it was discovered -- so soon after the simulcast is a remarkable coincidence, and has already been brought to the attention of Whovians, or fans of the show.

The series has had an effect on so many people that a project to put a TARDIS satellite into orbit on Kickstarter has already been completely funded.

Fifty years is a remarkable feat in any case, and naming an actual planet after one so vital to the series would honor it for generations to come.

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International Astronomical Union Nomenclature Working Groups
Please name the recently discovered planet HD 106906 b "Gallifrey" in honor of Doctor Who's 50 years!

During the series' 50th anniversary simulcast, it was revealed that the Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey, survived, being frozen inside of a pocket universe. HD 106906 b and Gallifrey have much in common, including being larger than Earth, smoldering orange, and the possibility of having been formed in a binary star system. The discovery of this impossible planet so soon after the 50th anniversary is nothing short of miraculous, and it would be an absolutely fantastic way to honor this record-breaking series which has shaped the lives of millions.

Thank you for your consideration!

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