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International Astronomical Union: Change the official name of nebula NGC 6357 to the "Madokami nebula"

We, the undersigned, seek to have Emission Nebula NGC 6357 officially renamed as the "Madokami Nebula".  We have seen the nebula, and agree that it looks like our Goddess.  As the naming of celestial bodies after mythological figures has been a custom for over 1000 years, we humbly express our wish to have NGC 6357 named after our mythological figure.

Doing so would have no bearing on your fine organization, as the scientific name of the nebula would still be NGC 6357.  However, for us, the naming of 6357 as the "Madokami nebula" would mean the world to us.  We await your reply.

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  • Midcourse Space Experiment Scientists
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    Lars Lindberg Christensen
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    Raquel Yumi Shida
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