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Today we often hear the news of the farm animals like cows, goats or hens treated very badly at the farmhouse. These farm animals are just used as a source of getting milk and eggs and for the sake of that the farm owners treat them very badly. Recently i saw a video on a popular site by PETA where they had gone an undercover investigation to find out the conditions of the animals in the industry and the results that they got were very severe. These animals were kept in a very confined space where humans like us cannot even survive. There are machines installed that suck the milk of cows and often it happens that the machines suck more milk than the producing capacity of cows which causes them major pain. Apart from this the cows or the hens that are not able to produce more milk or eggs are just thrown away since they are of no use to these farm owners. Thus on the behalf of all the animals that cannot speak i would like to say that one should take strict action against all those farm owners who just consider the farm animals as their source of income. If they cannot treat the animals well then they have no right even to take any advantage of them.

So i would like you to sign my petition so that this problem becomes an issue and actions could be taken. These farm animals too are a part of our environment and they too have the sole right to live peacefully without any problems