SPCA is GUILTY of Animal Cruelty for the SUFFERING of a CHAINED Dog for 7 YEARS Named Luna

SPCA is GUILTY of Animal Cruelty for the SUFFERING of a CHAINED Dog for 7 YEARS Named Luna

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Deborah Pangle started this petition to International Animal Rescue and

Ernie Lungaro "I've seen worse." comment to Deborah Pangle Founder of Cat Squad.

"We discovered a wonderful dog Luna who has been chained for seven years outside in the Village of Ossining,". "The owner refuses to take Luna inside. We have video and documentation of her left out abandoned in 20-degree temperatures and also 96 degree temperatures, sometimes with no food, no water. Nobody home."

The Cat Squad Rescue has reached out to SPCA Law enforcement for 2 YEARS to help end Luna's Suffering in freezing temperatures and extremely hot temperatures. We have submitted 2 years of 100% evidence, videos and photographs to prove that Luna is chained 24 hours a day, Never goes inside her home, Never gets walked, and is left alone everyday all the time. SPCA has gone to the house and has reported that Luna as a good life and there are no problems with her care and protection. There refusal to take action against the dog owner and to continue to lie is the reason Luna is Suffering. 

The above video is an example of  SPCA HLE answering a call for help on a August Summer day of temperatures in high 80's. This shows Animal Cruelty committed by SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Ernie Lungaro. The SPCA HLE condemned Luna to a Hot Garage on a hot August Day. 

" In this case that includes the Ossining police and the ASPCA. If we felt they were incapable of conducting a thorough investigation we could conduct our own. Ernie Longero is the ASPCA Enforcement Officer, he has the power to remove the dog and recommend charges if necessary. His assessment is the dog is well cared for and not in danger. He makes regular unannounced visits, the latest as recently as yesterday. The dog was inside, well -groomed and well fed.. There was a fan for her. Luna was friendly, had water nearby and looked as though she had adequate veterinary care. He found no evidence of neglect or mistreatment, nor was the dog in any discomfort. Given his independent assessment we could not bring any charges of neglect against the dog owner that could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We appreciate your concern for Luna and other animals. In this case there is simply no evidence that this dog is mistreated and that the owner should be charged. You or I may not agree with this owner as to how he keeps his dog ( I am a dog owner), but that disagreement does not rise to the level of a criminal charge. As to the tethering law adopted by the Village of Ossining we do not enforce that law. It is a local law that the Village PD and Village prosecutor would enforce. I did ask Officer Longero to continue to monitor the situation and let us know immediately if he found any evidence of mistreatment. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. Sincerely, Paul Noto"

This is the response from the DA regarding SPCA's truth about Luna's condition. 
SPCA Humane Law Enforcement lied again about Luna's Suffering. 
We are DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR LUNA! We have made a request to SPCA Humane Law Enforcement that they make arrangements with the Ossining police Chief Kevin Sylvester and the dog owner Luna be evaluated by an independent vet to determine her well being and health Immediately.  

SPCA Must be held accountable for the 7 years of the suffering of Luna. Many people in the Westchester area have had terrible experiences with SPCA. We are trying to document them to report to Authorities. 

We are asking all those who have also had a bad experience to share with us in the comments below. We also ask that you Please Call SPCA and ask that Luna be surrendered to be evaluated by the vet of our choice. 


SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Ernie Lungaro

Shannon Laukhuf Director of SPCA

(914) 941-2896


Paul J. Noto| First Deputy District Attorney
Westchester County District Attorney's Office
Phone: (914) 995-3413

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!