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Shut Down “Pick of the Litter” FOR GOOD!!

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As Some May know, this is the worst pet store any human being who loves their animals could ever walk into. Rumors have circulated the internet for years on how awful this place truly is , me being the person I am, disregarded it until seeing for myself. As I went to Southpark Mall today I decided to stop into the store. In my personal expiernce- any store that has a sign saying “Due to lies, and false accusations , no pictures or videos will be tolerated “ is a bunch of crap. If they weren’t hiding anything , pictures and videos would not at all be a problem. So I continue to walk into the horror I had never imagined . For starters , the animals were locked in Fish tanks. You read that correctly .. FISH TANKS . some had multiple dogs in such small spaces . They had few dogs in an open area, I aoproached & almost all of them are asleep, except for one who looked to be starving and was going around looking for Poop.. yes I said POOP!!! And eating it! All of the animals in the entire store are drugged ? They are all asleep all of the time!! There are videos , feel free to look them up, of people TRYING to wake these animals up, by petting them, shaking them, etc & not a single one responds . I continued to walk around the store this time preparing myself for the worse , and seen four dogs in a tank no bigger than a 55 inch fish tank. There were 3 black dogs and 1 white dog. The white dog had blood dripping from its eyes and nose , while the other three in the tank were ganging up .. TRYING TO EAT IT. Not play ... AGGRESIVE . These animals look so starved and in the 10 minutes I had been in the store I had seen two different dogs , DOING WHAT THEY HAD TO .. TO SURVUVE. They are not being fed !! They are being abused and drugged . The reviews are absolutely horrible , each and everyone of them have their own horror story . Please feel free to read all of the negative experiences other people have. Without having fact, I have read , this store had been shut down before but due to excessive money, the store is able to re-open. I am going to start with getting as many signatures as I can to SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN FOR GOOD!!! If signatures are not enough, I will start a go fund me, and make sure the business gets put into the hands of a REAL rescue center who would never hurt these sweet angels . Please help me on my quest to stop the animal abuse .

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