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Ringling Bros. Plans to Export Their Tigers To A German Circus

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Imagine being enslaved and tortured for your whole life. This is a form of entertainment that the Ringling brothers have provided since 1871. Recently they have been shut down and will no longer be performing this vile act of entertainment. In spite of being shut down they have now applied for permits to ship 8 of the tigers to a circus in Germany. 

An undercover report published last year described life as a “nightmare” for the tigers. They spent most of their lives packed into tiny cages in parking lots or behind buildings, devoid of water to swim in or room to run. Tigers are solitary, and this closeness led to frequent fighting — many tigers were covered in scars, and others had cracked paws or pressure wounds from living on the unnatural concrete. [Schelling, Ameena. "BREAKING: Ringling Bros. Plans To Ship Its Tigers To German Circus.", 25 May 2017. Accessed 26 May 2017]

These animals deserve at the very least to be brought to a sanctuary for rescued tigers not to undergo further abuse in a circus within another country. Please sign this petition so we can get the help that these poor animals need to live a well deserved better life. 

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