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Please don't let SPCA's be forced to deny help to animals in need.

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Hello, my name is Kailey. While I may only be 14 years old, I have and always will have a strong voice against animal cruelty in ANY and EVERY form. The following will affect any SPCA organization or veterinarian care center. As many of you may know, there is a bill, S.687, that is trying to be passed that I just couldn't entirely understand. At first glance, the bill is a great business opportunity for many vets, but you have to look deeper. Many of you may have heard about the dog named Caitlyn, who had her muzzle wrapped so tightly in tape, that a part of her tongue turned black. If you're a volunteer or have any affiliation with the Charleston Animal Society like I do, you've DEFINATELY heard of Caitlyn. Now how does this play into the bill? Well, if that bill had been passed at the time Caitlyn was found, the Charleston Animal Society would've had no legal way to help her. Caitlyn would probably not be in a kind and loving home like she is today. One way you can help if you don't want to sign this petition is this: On Tuesday, April 12th, at 9:45 the Charleston Animal Society is taking a bus of people to go protest this bill! More information about the trip can be found here: I strongly encourage you to help me with not letting this law be passed. I cannot stand by and do nothing as one of my favorite places, and one of the most inspiring places, I've ever seen or been too becomes powerless to do what they were made for. The Charleston Animal Society on average rescued and found homes for over 4,000 animals. This SPCA estimates that at least half of them would have had to be left to die if that bill had been passed then. So please, I need your help! Don't stand around and do nothing! There are thousands of animals counting on us right now! They need our help, so let's give it everything we've got!

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