It start from you to protect the animals

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Animals now days being treated badly. Nowdays, there are many viral video that show how people harm small animal like dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and many more in social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more. This cruel people does such a bad things to animal such as burn the forest, kill them, burn them, kick or throw them and many more. As a human, we should take an action to protect this animals.

As a human, we should have a pity towards this innocent animals. They don't have intellect like human. They can't think or make a difference between bad or good. We should protect this animals because they deserve to live. They also deserve to have a kind treatment. What if, you as a human, being bullied, being thrown everywhere, being kill nad many more. What if all this action happen to one of people you love? How will you feel? How would you react?

Whatever comes into your mind, that is actually how animals felt. They haven't an intellect like us but they have FEELINGS. They feel angry, sad but they can't do anything because they small, they can't fight with all the smart technology that we have. So as a human that have an intellect, feelings and pity, we should do anything that we can do to protect animals. They deserve happiness like us, human.