Decapitation for a Handbag?

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Handbags or a Life?

Animals are exposed daily to grim confinement and a violent death. This is what millions of animals endure for the exotic skins trade. Wether they’re Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Pravda or any other brand, exotic skins are a product of extreme suffering.

There are so many crocodiles in the world. But when you start to focus specifically on the breeds in countries, you will realise which countries value their animals and which ones take theirs for products and satisfaction. Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular fashion industries in the world. Also, takes almost the most crocodiles, in Vietnam for their handbags.

When they are cut in the head, they can still be alive for 4 to 5 hours until entirely dead.  Vietnam gets crocodiles exported inside from different countries just for their skin. The workers keep them squished up to years in a small rectangular room outside, with half dirty water, where they spend their last moments to live. The procedure is contained of a few crocodiles forced into a position, the workers cut their head while they are still alive.

The crocodiles try and move in desperation as there is a metal rod shoved through their spine from their head. They are still shown to be alive in the process. All this for a handbag that is worn on your waist. This method is presently being used in Vietnam, brutally torturing the living creatures which potentially had survived the dinosaur era. Humanity has not changed a lot, but there cannot be change without a mass petition. If crocodiles are having their head split and having metal rods pushed into their spine, alive, you can make change.

You can help stop this. Sign up for this petition, share it around to help stop the excruciating pain for biologically living creatures. 

- Ashwin Mehta