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Stop selling rabbits!

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Why do your county stores still sell rabbits, often squished into wire bottom cages that hurt their feet? A lot of other major stores have already stopped selling them. Don’t you know that there are thousands of healthy rabbits that are euthanized in shelters because there’s no space for them? For every rabbit bought, another unwanted rabbit in a shelter must die! To control the overpopulation and suffering of rabbits, breeding needs to be more controlled and spaying and neutering must become the rule. Spaying/neutering also makes them friendlier and allows them to live longer lives.

Rabbits make fantastic companion animals. They shouldn’t be kept in wire bottom cages; wire contributes to sore hocks and makes them suffer. And rabbits need to eat timothy hay daily, not only pellets, or else they can become very ill with gastrointestinal stasis. They are not supposed to just sit in a backyard hutch (nor in the yard, where they are easy prey for large birds or other predators, or can eat toxic or sprayed plants) or in tiny cages, but instead should be allowed to roam a bunny proofed home (with a cage or xpen provided for when they need to rest, eat, or sleep). Especially babies are very energetic! And they shouldn't be regarded as livestock animals, nor should they be killed for their meat or furs! Finally, all 50 states now have felony animal cruelty provisions in place.

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