Stop the trademark registration of Black Lives Matter & I Cant breathe

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The “Black Lives Matter” Slogan & “I cant breathe” phrase are the subject of Intellectual Copyright claims by non established Charitable organisations persons with no tangible connection to the cause, impact or principle of what these phrases mean to the Black Community. 

If granted they wish to charge third parties for using the slogans or phrases on any clothing apparel.

Trading on one mans dying words and a whole races century of pain is morally wrong, regardless of where the stated monies raised are supposedly intended for unless decided by those that the words carry most meaning for.

The Proceeds for any commercial exploitation if raised should be utilised constructively to achieving an end to racial discrimination.
Whether that be in areas of education, legal aid in cases of racial discrimination or funding campaigns raising awareness the Black community should have a major say if not all of it.

Please sign this petition & pass onto others who care & that means the entire human(e) race

Thank you