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Listen to the community and develop GMA3600 drivers for linux.

Intel has released a graphics core named the Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3600. This is based on the PowerVR SGX545 Core, made by Imagination Technologies. Hundreds and Hundreds of people have expressed their feelings about the lack of drivers for this platform on Linux. Their admins post replys in the threads of forums concerning this and say that OEMs such as Acer are responsible for Intels mess, however Intel have infact posted two other drivers for linux, but refuse to update them despite the many people asking them to update them. The same fiasco has happened with the GMA500. This petition is to make Intel update their drivers, or as the community has also said that developers are ready to take on development of the driver, if Intel would open-source the existing drivers, thus leaving Intel free from having to continue development.

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