Integrated Technology using Drones to Reduce and Eliminate Mass Killings

Integrated Technology using Drones to Reduce and Eliminate Mass Killings

June 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dom Gualtieri

Staying Alive has become a crap shoot not knowing if a mass shooter is arriving at a school or university, concert, airport, office, manufacturing building, or government building.  What defense does one have as a victim of such a shooter?  What causes the shooter to justify such behavior?  Is it caused by school bullying, medical issues, violence from TV programs, social media, etc?

Staying Alive was also a crap shoot during the height of the COVID pandemic.  Fortunately, science and technology in the hands of scientists at  pharmaceutical companies paved the way ultimately to reduce infections and deaths.  Government incentives helped the cause and solution.

Technologies exist today, if properly integrated, to help reduce and even eliminate mass shootings --- at least help to deter the shooter.  These technologies, to my knowledge, haven't addressed the mass shootongs as I propose.  There now exist technologies to dispatch drones from rooftops of buildings triggered by motion detectors on the ground; smell trained dogs that patrol people and baggage at airports; metal detectors in government buildings and at airports; insect drones the size of a fingernail that can fly in swarms and controlled or programmed by humans.  

I would like signatures on this petition to invite the government and private companies to provide incentives to use a combination of technologies (like the above) to deter and prevent mass shootings.

In schools, I see drones positioned in their chargers on rooftops or within corridors in buildings. Motion detectors and metal detectors trigger their movement to the location of the threat.  Within the building they come down in swarms on the intruder emitting a siren sound while sending notifications to law enforcement and teachers in the schools.  Outside of the building, larger drones come down as well; but maybe able to spray.  Throghout the day and at random, drones  will patrol the outside of the buildings to deter intruders.

Similar drone activities and safeguards can be used in any building, airport, concert hall, theme park, etc.  A marketing campaign by the media and the government and municipalities would help educate and deter an individual from even thinking of mass shooting.

Multimillionaires and billionaires are also invited to pool their resources to modify and improve on my suggestions.  Is it a Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Musk, Mark Cuban passion?  I don't know; but it would help our children, and parents, and concert goers feel safe when walking the streets and attending large gathering events.

I urge all to share and modify my thoughts for mankind to benefit.  Sign the petition, send it to your government officials, or network of entrepreneurs.

Someone categorized three kinds of people in the world as:

1. Someone who makes things happen!

2. Someone who watches what happened!

3. Someone who wondered what happened!

Together, just maybe, the signers of this petition can make this happen.


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Signatures: 21Next Goal: 25
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