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Insurance companies & Congress: Reimburse clinicians fair wages and include insurance companies in anti trust law!

Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors have worked hard for many years to earn their degrees and devote their lives to helping others. However, insurance companies consistently dictate how much money these clinicians make by providing extremely low reimbursement rates and then not allowing balance billing. Further, insurance companies are exempt from anti trust law, making it impossible for competition to keep rates resonable and fair for both members and providers.  

Clinicians must remain as part of insurance groups because so many people need to use their insurance to get the valuable services these clinicians offer. By decreasing pay, insurance companies are disrespecting clinicians and their profession, belittling mental health issues, and causing many talented treaters to stop taking insurance, which then limits their access to the people who need them the most. Help stop insurance companies from denying fair pay and restricting access. Please sign this petition and send it to as many people as you know so we can lobby to both insurance companies and congress for what is right.

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