100% Campus Placement

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President of the Institute is 'reportedly' on public record [Aurangabad]... claiming



This is faaar from reality.

The RTI data over last several years shows the Campus placement figures to be between 10-25%.  This RTI data is provided by the Institute's PIO [Statutory post under the RTI Act]. 

So, we seek that the Institute publishes name-wise Placement details of EVERY qualified CMA who had applied for Campus placement over last, say, FIVE YEARS.

Reasons for the down-market image of the qualified Fresh CMA Students are very many.  And, it is the responsibility of the Institute to attend to those REASONS in a structured way. And, not falsify claims with an intention to lure fresh unsuspecting Students in this Course.  We seek an open public dialogue on the real status of the profession in the employment market... and also that Institute makes structural changes to the way this Course is conducted.

FACT:  When just about 1000-1250 Students pass CMA every term, it is a shame that the Institute is not able to place even half of them on ALL-INDIA basis. Please note that THIS Institute is formed under the ACT of the PARLIAMENT and has MONOPOLY on Statutory CMA profession in India for last 65 years.

We students demand 100% Campus Placement.

As is claimed by the respected President of the Institute.

We also demand that the President withdraws his FALSE CLAIM and apologises publicly for misguiding the public and potential fresh students.