Seeking your support against the cruel behaviour at the ends of ICSI Management Committee

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ICSI is conducting exams from Dec 21. Given these testing times, students and their respective families are suspicious about the institute's stand with resect to examination fee.

On one hand, the special instructions annexed to self declaration form, in Part B para 2 says "Candidates should not come to the examination centre for writing the examination, if he /she is tested COVID-19 positive whether symptomatic or asymptomatic or having any of the symptoms like fever, cough, sneezing, breathing problem, headache, running nose, chest congestion, sore throat etc., during the last 10 days or under self-isolation or quarantine or returned from any foreign country within the last 14 days of the examination.”

On the other hand, opt out is given only to students who produce covid positive reports.
This contradicts the stand raised by ICSI, as giving false declaration is also a crime according to law. Even if the declaration is true, the symptoms may affect others to undergo covid.
Few examples being typhoid, pneumonia, etc.

Icsi has maliciously decided to forfeit the examination fee, because the students are helpless. If they cannot produce covid positive reports, icsi is abetting them to come to the examination hall, get covid infected, produce medical reports and harm the entire family, then only we can be saved.

This is non fundamental, derives juidicial terrorism, and inhumane and involves violation of Article 14 (Right to equality) of the constitution.

Students are asking for a 2nd cycle, postponement of exams or voluntary Opt-Out until the last moment of examinations. ICAI has conducted exams in 2 cycles. ICMAI has decided to conduct online exams. However, ICSI, despite of having lesser number of student, hasn't taken a single step during these extra ordinary times. With huge funds in the balance sheet and entire cost cut of June 2020, students deserve 2nd cycle.

ICSI has put the lives of lacs of students at risk. Students are repeatedly imploring the president and council members to rescue their plea but no satisfactory aid has been provided.

We urge you to sign this petition so that we can save our lives as well as our familys'.