Instate Preventative Burning & Grazing Laws to Reduce Wildfires in Australia

Instate Preventative Burning & Grazing Laws to Reduce Wildfires in Australia

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The devastating and catastrophic bushfires that have swept across Australia could have been prevented with adequate Government leadership, more funding and resources for our fire brigades around Australia, better land management policies and the correct implementation of preventative measures. Our Government and the Forestry Department could learn so much from the work of Victor Steffenson and the 60,000 years of experience Indigenous people have in protecting our homes and our environment. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's lack of leadership in a crisis elicited a widespread global outcry and outrage at so much loss and tragic death has finally resulted in a leadership consultant being installed in the Government months after the fires began.  We need adequate leadership and a Prime Minister who responds appropriately to a national emergency. We need more funding and our land management practices to be reformed. 

We need a Government who understands and respects the people's needs, and responds accordingly to emergency situations when they occur.

Australia has a bushfire season every year, and every year people are warned and reminded to clear their land and prepare their homes for potential threat from fires. But there is more we can do. 

The fires we have seen in recent months have caused damage to our natural environment and decimated wildlife. As many as half a billion animals have perished in the fires. People have died, families have lost loved ones, and hundreds of homes and properties have been lost or damaged, and many people are injured, without homes, electricity, water or food. Communities have been severely affected by loss. 

It is time for the Government to listen to people who understand the land, and who can offer real help to benefit and protect Australia's environmental future, beginning with law reforms which reflect Victor's work. 

Controlled prescribed burning following ancient Indigenous practices, and allowing livestock grazing in fire prone areas will help reduce bushfire fuel and will help reduce the severity of the damage caused by future wildfires. They are currently causing catastrophic damage which could have been much less devastating. We are currently witnessing a bushfire crisis. 

Politicians understand land portfolios and profit. Indigenous people understand how to read the land and the country, and their invaluable knowledge of safe land management practices should be used in conjunction with our Federal and State leaders. Law reform needs to be implemented by the government and firefighting departments around Australia, so that a disaster of this scale never occurs again.

Please sign the petition and share among your friends. We need to act now. 

Thank you for your support. #australiaburning affects us all.

#lawreform #indigenouslandpractice #bushfireprevention 

1,639 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!