Install traffic lights at the intersection of HWY 80 and 1535, Laurel County KY

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The intersection of HWY 80, Russell Dyche Memorial Highway, and HWY 1535 in Laurel County KY is a total nightmare with no clear direction on who's doing what at a four way intersection with two double lanes of traffic. On 3/02/2018, yet another wreck resulting in the death of one adult and two children truly saddens me. A grandmother was taking two of her grandchildren to school. There was a head on crash resulting in their deaths. This is so tragic and so un-necessary when traffic lights could prevent it.

How many accidents and deaths have occurred at this spot? How many more will occur before something is done? The concerned citizens of Laurel county want action. 

My wife takes my Daughter to Colony elementary every day and it's no doubt these three who died were on their way to Colony as well. Another 5 minutes sooner, and this could've been my family involved in this wreck. The young children were 14 and 8 years old.

There needs to be an installing of traffic lights, and if these were part time to work during the weekdays during morning and evening hours of school being in session, it would be much better than nothing, but full time lights are what so many people living in this area and driving these roads are interested in.

I shudder to think that more deaths will occur if something is not done. I know lots of people who'd like to see a light there. This needs doing for the safety of anyone and everyone who travels through this area. 

Please initiate a call to action for the sake of all who drive through this dangerous area. 

Install traffic lights now!

Invoke your voice and have in your prayers the family that has lost three people. Pray also that the people that can get things done will. 

We, the signed, oppose simply ignoring the problem or trying to put a so called "band-aid" on the problem by eliminating left turns as I've heard mentioned, or putting a caution light which does nothing to direct people through safely. Speeding cars will speed through caution light like they're not there. We've got to have something that stops people to where crossing traffic can safely pass. 

A traffic island light system needs installing.

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