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Install "Animal Crossing" Signs All Over Coral Springs, FL

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Greetings! We are a brand-new organization known as The Possum Protection Program (PPP). We aim to help protect some of our most amazing animals down here in South Florida, specifically the Virginia opossum!

We, alongside many other citizens of Coral Springs, have noticed that there has been a significant increase in deaths related to cars when it comes to opossum deaths. This is the case with other creatures as well, such as frogs. Lost pets could also be harmed from cars, most importantly if they are trying to cross the street at night.

It is unacceptable how we warn people of "children at play", yet we do not warn our drivers out there of our animal friends that simply want to cross the road. We need these animals for our environment-- For instance, the Virginia opossum helps eat ticks (Which is a good thing) while our raccoon buddies eat mice and other pesky insects.

Of course, this solution will not solve the issue 100%-- However, it, we believe, will help not only with safer driving but also with the safety of our ecosystem's animals.

The idea is simple: We ('We' being the city) install multiple signs across the city of Coral Springs, specifically around busier areas and neighborhoods, that read, "Animal Crossing" or something along those lines. 

It may cost a bit, but this can easily be solved either through a fundraiser event or through taking taxpayer dollars.

This idea will help alert drivers that they must slow down or be more careful, especially at night. We could perhaps think of a way that these signs can illuminate so that they are easier to see in the dark.

We do not have any "animal x-ing" signs at all in our city... Why not change that and help build a safer future for all?

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