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Petitioning PennDOT, Lower Merion Twp. and Narberth Borough

Install a traffic light and crosswalk at the intersection of N. Wynnewood Avenue and E. Wynnewood Road

Installing a traffic light and pedestrian crossing at this intersection is a matter of public safety. We've seen accidents and near-misses at this location for years. Some of us have been involved in them. Now that the Narberth Avenue Bridge is closed there is increased traffic volume choking the intersection at rush hours. The site of this three-way intersection alone is dangerous.There is a blind curve on East Wynnewood Road and limited visibility in the tunnel on North Wynnewood Avenue. A narrow sidewalk on one side of the tunnel does not connect to a pedestrian crosswalk.

On December 13, 2012 a teenage jogger was struck by a car and severely injured while trying to cross on foot. She could have been anyone's child, friend or neighbor. Young people are drawn to this intersection which lies along a popular jogging route and between two local attractions: the Narberth playground and ballfields and the Wynnewood Shopping Center. My own 14 year old son regularly crosses on foot with friends during snack runs to Poppi's, Elevation Burger and Yapple, just like lots of other teens in our area who don't drive yet. As much as I want to encourage his emerging independence and see him support local businesses, I dread hearing that he's walking to Wynnewood knowing that he will cross this intersection.

Some say a light has never been installed because of conflicting jurisdictions, i.e. PennDOT, Narberth and Lower Merion.That's not an adequate reason. East Wynnewood Road is a state route under the jurisdiction of PennDot, situated on the southern border of Narberth Borough and Lower Merion Township. Nearby Montgomery Avenue, another state route bordering Narberth Borough and Lower Merion Township, has multiple traffic lights. If traffic lights can be installed on Montgomery Avenue then one can be installed on E. Wynnewood Road too. There's simply got to be a way.

All three entities, PennDOT, Narberth Borough and Lower Merion Township, need to come together and improve safety at this intersection ASAP. Our job is to let them know we expect them to do it. Please add comments about accidents and near misses you have seen or been involved in. We need a written record of just how truly dangerous this intersection is. Thank you.

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