Install 12 New Santa Monica Ocean Park Beach Volleyball Courts

Install 12 New Santa Monica Ocean Park Beach Volleyball Courts

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sean Besser

To the City of Santa Monica:


This petition asks the City of Santa Monica to install a 50% increase in courts at Ocean Park Beach (12 additional courts).


Increased popularity of beach volleyball combined with current city policies regarding reserving volleyball courts for tournaments and classes/coaching has resulted in not enough courts being open and available for community members on weekends.

Demand for courts is expected to continue to increase in Santa Monica because of a growing Ocean Park / Santa Monica population, more classes introducing beach volleyball to people, its Covid safe nature, more schools including it as an official sport, and the 2028 Olympics where Santa Monica will host beach volleyball.

Even if no permits were being issued at Ocean Park beach, the current number of courts is insufficient to support demand. Community members often complain about how difficult it is to get a court, particularly on weekends.

Making matters worse is that tournaments are being scheduled with such regularity that they combine with individual and small group coaches and classes to take up 75% or more of available courts on multiple weekends per month. This seems entirely out of line with the spirit and goals of these courts and needs to be addressed.  While monetizing the courts helps pay for their maintenance, we need to strike a better balance to keep the courts that are mostly paid for by taxpayer dollars available for residents/community members to use on the weekends when we are off work and available to use them.  


Adding 12 new courts is estimated to cost $4000 plus there is additional maintenance and coordination costs so I am looking to raise $5000 to fund this. Santa Monica Beach Volleyball has already pledged $2000 towards these new courts. Other companies, people, and organizations monetizing courts are similarly being encouraged to contribute to this cost. Here is a link to the GoFundMe established for community members to contribute as well: 


@ PETITION SIGNERS: In addition to signing on to this petition, please consider the following 3 asks:

  1. Share in the comments any of your thoughts so the city can see what community members are thinking. If you are a Santa Monica resident, please mention that in the comments as well.
  2. If you have an opinion on where the new courts should go, please mention that in the comments. Feel free to rank order your preferences on these options:
    1. North of the northernmost OP courts
    2. In the open space between the north and south courts
    3. South of the southern courts
    4. West of the existing courts (expanding them to be 4 courts wide)
    5. Somewhere else: Please make a suggestion
  3. If you are willing to donate money to help pay for installing new courts, here is a GoFundMe for that:


835 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!