To get back @imjustbait instagram page. Seems silly but it’s deeper than just a page.

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@imjustbait instagram which he built up from scratch to get over a million followers for it to be taken down because internet trolls and haters fake report posts. Now this may seem silly to start a petition but it’s deeper than just posting funny videos he’s helped people’s clothing ranges grow peoples music careers rocket and also comedians/public figures.

Instagram need to get his page back.

Personal story
I’m a public figure also he personally hasn’t helped me but i’ve Followed the page for a while and it’s a relatable page which does help me in other ways, he’s constantly posting hidden talent and positive things. I have no reason to help him but I had my snapchat account deleted by snapchat with 10.4k followers on which is massive for me... it hurt me a lot ! Hes built up this page from 16 years old and has over 1million followers ! Now that’s massive I just think the guy needs his page back so he can continue his great work in helping people daily in ways that maybe the outside people can’t see.